Operator members shall be only those persons, firms or corporations which engage in the business of operating amusement, music, recreational and allied vending machines and who maintain ownership of and provide those machines on a revenue-sharing or lease basis to second-party businesses. An operator member shall operate no less than 50 amusement, music, recreational and allied vending machines including a minimum 5 darts, 5 pool, 5 jukeboxes in not less than 10 different locations. An operator member shall not engage in the sale of machines or equipment, directly or indirectly, to any second party business.

Applications from operators, manufacturers, distributors, arcades and trade members must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation from operator members in good standing for at least two years AND who are personally acquainted with the applicant (this will be verified). All applications are subject to approval of the membership committee and the board of directors.

The board of directors has the authority to interpret and define eligibility standards and may, in the reasonable exercise of that discretion, refuse membership to any applicant or revoke the membership of any member whose membership, although meeting the technical requirements of the Bylaws, would, if accepted, be prejudicial to the character and interest of the association or contrary to the Bylaws.

Members in good standing may use the WAMO logo, and receive badges for free conference admission based upon the category of membership. Tournament sanction and charter fees must be paid in order for operators to participate in WAMO tournaments. Questions on membership and tournament participation should be directed to the WAMO office.

If you are interested in joining the only statewide trade association that represents the professional coin-operated recreational industry of Wisconsin, please complete all of the instructions on the membership application and submit all requested materials to the WAMO office at:

Email: info@wamo.net  |  Fax: 608-824-2205  |  Mail: WAMO, PO Box 259506, Madison, WI 53725